Zimmer Implants

Zimmer implants are dental implants that are Designed to Deliver Aesthetic Results Through Tissue Preservation. Zimmer is best known for its minimal aggressive surgical procedures which will help in shaping the future of dentistry. The implants at Zimmer are of the best quality, innovative and most comprehensive out of the available products on the market. They are designed on the basis of effectiveness, simplicity and streamlined performance.

The Advent implant and Tapered Screw Vent systems have an internal hex which comprises friction-fit connection along with patented Fixture Transfer/Mount making the restoration very esthetic and reliable. In addition, the single stage SwissPlus dental implant system accelerates and simplifies the implant process saving time.

Another type is the Spline Implant which has a special interface which provides improved rotational tolerance and torsional strength.

The company aims at shaping the future in implant dentistry and when these implants are used to solve dental problems reveal marvelous results always.

The replacement procedure is very comfortable and simple due to the use of Zimmer implants which make use of self- taping flutes. The tapered shape of the implants ensures initial stability.

The varieties of available Zimmer implants comprise:

  • ○ Tapered Screw-Vent implant system - This system is based on the technology of connecting internal hex along with the lead- in bevel. This implant system includes tapered screw vent, screw vent, Zimmer one piece and an advent.

  • ○ SwissPlus - This implant of single stage greatly simplifies the treatment because it comes in an all inclusive fixture transfer and mount. This indicates that a single kit can be used for inserting, customizing and impression taking abutment.

  • ○ Spline - The slots and inter digitations projections in the implant allow the abutment and the implant to result in an accurate lock which eliminates joint failure. It comprises of spiral flutes that help in reducing the time of surgery and bone chipping takes place which ensures better stability and reduced lateral play.

  • The company is still aiming to move ahead in this field and capture the market with its superior products and services.

  • In 2015 Zimmer acquired Biomet, since then they're called Zimmer Biomet.

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