Intra-Lock® Dental Implants

Dental implants are the chosen option for many patients and dentists to substitute lacking teeth. Implants are made of titanium and resemble the framework of normal teeth. Dental implants bring strength to prosthetics, improve trust, and maintain ordinary chewing, biting, and speech characteristics.

Intra-Lock ® has developed a broad variety of kinds of implants so that almost every person can take advantage from the technology.

Here is a short summary of the distinct types of Intra-Lock ® implants:

Internal Connection Implants (InDexTM)-These implants are optimized for one-stage processes. The structure provides strength and improved biocompatibility, enabling the prosthesis to faster resist internal stresses and encourage bone inclusion and regeneration.

External Connection Implants (Unihex TM) –These implants are robust, long-lasting and perfect for keeping dentures and other prosthetics in location. The bases of the screws exist in distinct dimensions.

MDL ® Small Diameter Implants–These implants recover features and stabilization more quickly than a full-size version. The insertion method is less invasive and minimal recovery period between procedures is needed.

The advantages of Intra-Lock ® implants?

Intra-Lock ® implants are accessible in a multitude of types to tackle oral health issues, such as bone loss and other problems at the treatment area. These implants may be used in combination with dentures, bridges, and crowns, and will encourage a more efficient regeneration after implementation.

Some other benefits of Intra-Lock ® implants include:

  • ○ Cost-effectiveness

  • ○ High achievement level

  • ○ Reduced pain

  • ○ Precision treatment

  • ○ Treatment options

What is the method for Intra-Lock ® implants?

The precise size of the positioning procedure will differ depending on the patient and the sort of implants being equipped. However, one common feature of treatment planning is that oral health experts use x-rays and in-depth examinations to determine the ideal location placement. In general, implant positioning is a two-step treatment.

Here is an outline of the first phase of implant positioning:

  • ○ a local anesthetic is administered 

  • ○ An incision is created in the gum tissue to reveal the position location 

  • ○ A drill is used to make a very tiny hole in the jawbone 

  • ○ The Intra-Lock ® device is either pressed or screwed in position and coated with a cap 

  • ○ Soft tissue is sutured sealed 

As treatment techniques vary, personal interactions may differ. Innovation in implant procedures enables fewer interventions to be taken in the overall operation. Since Intra-Lock ® implants are intended for effective treatment, it is essential to question your doctor what will be implicated in the suggested treatment.

Once the regeneration and integration of your implant are finished, the bite impressions are collected and the prosthesis is produced. Intra-Lock ® implants produce gorgeous smiles and can last a lifetime with adequate care.

If you have any questions or worries about Intra-Lock ® implants, kindly consult your oral health care specialist.

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