Innova Implants

Innova has been offering dental implant technique for decades to restore full effectiveness and enhance self-confidence in patients that lack teeth. Innova provides several types of dental implant systems, including Endopore ®, Entegra ®, Pitt-Easy ® and Anatomy ®. The Endopore Implant System was launched in the late 1980s and provides three kinds of prosthesis to help people with different oral health problems.

What're the distinct differences regarding an Innova Endopor Implant?
The implant from Innova Endopore is modeled on a common orthodontic joint replacement fixture and is biologically compliant. The Endopore implant includes a porous ground geometry consisting of many parts. This raises the surface area where the implant and bone link so that the implants can be smaller and encourage decreased general recovery period.

Why Innova Endopore Implants?
Innova Endopore implants deliver extremely high achievement levels and simplified techniques, whether your situation needs one-or two-step treatment plans. Innova Endopore implants are specially designed to replicate the normal touch and activity of the teeth. With a multitude of accessible kinds and connection elements, there are few medical grounds to discourage the insertion of Innova implants.

Here are some of the other benefits of selecting Innova Endopore implants:

○ Straightforward placement processes in many situations
○ Shorter rehabilitation and regeneration times between procedures
○ Less crestal bone remodeling
○ Less instrumentation
○ No sinus increase required
○ 96 percent achievement level
○ Placement of Endopore implants is as easy as most implant processes and can be conducted under local anesthetic in either one or several phases, based on your requirements.

○ Implants are positioned in the bone at the treatment site and given with a regeneration period frame before restorations are incorporated.
○ No extra surgical procedures are needed in one-stage transplant therapy to connect your new teeth to the implant abutment.
○ The Innova Endopore implant scheme provides therapy possibilities for both one-stage and two-stage implant treatment. If you have any questions or worries about Innova implants, kindly check with your dentist.

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