“Hi, this is Dr. Vargas.  We all want a beautiful smile with straight teeth.  There are also other important items to know about teeth straightening that go beyond the cosmetic look and feel.  Often times people do not know the importance of teeth straightening from a health standpoint and what can happen over time as teeth continue to shift.  See, there is a domino effect on your health. A one thing leads to the next type of process. For example, your teeth are crooked today. If you choose not to straighten them they will continue to shift.  As they continue to shift it becomes harder to floss. This leads to an increase in gum disease. Once you reach the gum disease stage it then increases the chance of bone loss. Once you reach the stages of bone loss that is when you lose teeth.  All of the above results in higher financial cost to you because now you are fixing a multitude of problems instead of just one. In conclusion, the cosmetic part of looking beautiful is something we all want. However, the more important piece to the puzzle is protecting you from all the consequences that come from not having your teeth aligned properly.”

About Invisalign in Manhattan.  Invisalign treatment is the process of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. Unleash your best smile with Invisalign while protecting against a multitude of others problems that could arise.

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