Root Amputation

A dental root amputation is when one of our endodontist removes one of a tooth’s damaged roots while keeping the healthy root or roots in place (you keep the good and leave the bad in the past).The main purpose of this is to save an injured or diseased tooth from extraction. Thanks to today's technology root amputation can be completed in 1-3 visits. It is necessary to mention that root extraction and the necessary crown work is less expensive than losing a tooth because if you do: dental implants, extensive bridgework and custom-made tooth replacements will need to be done and this also might be time consuming.

There are many reasons why we would need to perform a root extraction, to mention a couple:

○ Broken, fractured or injured teeth and roots.
○ Embedded bacteria within the structure of the root.
○ Severe bone loss in a concentrated area due to periodontitis.
○ Tooth decay in a concentrated area of the tooth.

Again, the sooner we give you treatment, the better.

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