“We believe … that every mouth is unique and you deserve a custom approach to ensure the dental implants you receive provide the best clinical results both short and long term.”

Welcome the Dental Implant Specialists in Manhattan.  We believe in utilizing the highest quality materials to ensure dental implant patients receive a relaxing experience with impeccable clinical results.  We have placed thousands of dental implants that have been appreciated by our dental implant patients in Manhattan for years. 

Remember, all dental implants are not created equal.  Our patients are searching for the best clinical results with the finest experience. We look forward to giving you the high quality results you deserve!

Dr. Charnas & Dr. Vargas Clinical Advice:

"It is important patients understand that dental implants are not all created the same. We have spent countless hours of advanced clinical training and have been performing successful and pain free dental implants for years.  We look forward to providing you with that same exceptional experience.”

Reasons a Dental Implant Could be Needed

  • To replace one or more missing teeth
  • To help alleviate certain causes of pain
  • To restore a healthy smile
  • To improve chewing and digestion
  • To improve facial tissues
  • To help support other dental treatments, such as bridge or crown

Manhattan Dental spa is a collection of Dentists in Manhattan dedicated to providing the finest dentistry and Invisalign treatment in a unique, relaxing environment. We believe every individual deserves the finest experience imaginable. We look forward to serving you!