Invisalign Patient Testimonial

Happy woman wearing sunglasses

I’ve been coming to this dental office for years. My hygienist (Natasha) is the best! I’m just finishing up with Invisalign, and while I didn’t love the process, my teeth look great! It also took less time than braces would have.

Debbie Barron
Beautiful woman smiling

I have been coming to this dental office for years! Finally done with my Invisalign and love the results!! Both Carl & Dr. Charnas have been great they have incredible expertise. The office hours are flexible and staff is pretty helpful.

Andrea Suriano
Handsome man smiling wearing a coat

I started coming here for Invisalign but ended up making it my go to dental office for regular visits. My hygienist Natasha is great and friendly. I look forward to seeing them every 6 months.

Solomon Choi

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